5 Uses for Stock Besides Making Soup

In certain circles a great stock is considered liquid gold.  Readily available and easy to store, stock of any flavor can boost a meal in minutes.  It’s time to take you out of the comfort zone and see the endless uses for stock besides your soups and stews.

1. Sauce starters

Whether you are making sauce from scratch or simply adding flavor to your favorite jarred variety, a great way to increase the flavor without adding a lot of spices is to add a cup of stock.  The type can be based on the meal you are presenting.  Pasta dishes would pair nicely with a chicken stock, while beef stock might be used to create an au jus for sandwiches.  Stock is a great way to add liquid to any meal without watering it down completely.

2. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a great side with just about any meal, but often times they fall flat and leave you feeling like you’re eating paste.  Proper seasoning is important, and nothing works better than substituting stock for water in any mashed potatoes recipe.  Don’t have time for gravy?  Beef, chicken or turkey stock is a great base for easy to make gravy.

3. Braising liquid

One of the essential elements when creating a mouthwatering roast is to prepare the meat to cook to perfect tenderness.  Most braising recipes call for a liquid base that helps to tenderize the meat as it cooks.  Full moisture of the tissue is what breaks down the elements of the meat to mouthwatering perfection.

4. Rice and grains

When it comes to grains and different types of rice, there is only so much you can do to these sides to make them flavorful.  Transform you sides by using stock instead of water to cook with a complete flavor boost.  Because stock is water based, there will be no variance in the cooking time.  This makes for an easy way to create way to infuse flavor into the grain.  Use the same in other grains such as couscous, barley and quinoa.  Any blend of stock variety, such as Emeril’s stocks can be used.

5. Steamed vegetables

Vegetables are often the last thing to be prepared for any meal because they can break down in the cooking process quickly.  Steaming vegetables is a great way to prepare almost any dish, and keeps a good nutritional balance stored in the food.  As water is typically used in the steamer, adding vegetable or chicken stock to a steamer can infuse flavors into the vegetables, completely transforming the dish into an exciting medley.

Fall in love with the traditional soup base and realize the endless possibility for use in meals from breakfast to dinner.  No matter what you chose your family and friends will thank you.