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Kick your cooking up a notch with Emeril’s pasta sauces, seasonings, rubs, stocks, mustards and more. Your soups, steaks and spaghetti will have flavor like they’ve never had before.

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  • Emeril’s® Blackened Essence

    It’s not all about one-note black pepper in this special blend. Emeril’s Blackened Essence features a variety of…

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  • Emeril’s® Cajun Essence

    You’ll enjoy the departure from an average weeknight dinner with the addition of Emeril’s Cajun Essence. With the…

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  • Emeril’s® Chicken Rub

    Chicken. The staple of the American dinner menu. Introduce a new preparation to your stovetop, oven, and grill…

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  • Emeril’s® Chunky Marinara Sauce

    If you’re in love with tomatoes, this is the sauce for you. In this special sauce, Emeril took…

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  • Emeril’s® Creamery Butter Flavor Cooking Spray

    Made with Premium Canola Oil and Butter Flavor, use my Creamery Butter spray whenever you want to add…

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  • Emeril’s® Dijon Mustard

    Takes this classic mustard flavor to a whole new level. Emeril’s Dijon is made with twice ground mustard…

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