5 Uses for Stock Besides Making Soup

In certain circles a great stock is considered liquid gold.  Readily available and easy to store, stock of any flavor can boost a meal in minutes.  It’s time to take you out of the comfort zone and see the endless uses for stock besides your soups and stews. 1. Sauce starters Whether you are making… Read more »

Grilling with Celebrity Chefs!

Emeril’s BBQ Tips: Grilling Corn: “I soak the corn in a sink full of water before I grill it” he says. “That makes it so moist that won’t instantly scorch the outer corn” BBQ Sauce: “Whether you’re cooking steak or chicken, add the sauce toward the end. If you do it in the beginning, the… Read more »

Eats & Drinks – Good Stuff

To help grill masters prepare for one on the season’s busiest weekends, chef Emeril Lagasse is hosting the 2012 Emeril’s Grilling Surviving Facebook hotline, where he’ll answer all of your burning grilling questions live.

How you can BBQ like a master chef

Prevention News 5 Grill Tips From Emeril Lagasse At last, it’s open-flame season, and who better to celebrate with than renowned chef Emeril Lagasse? We went to the cookout king’s New York City kitchen for a feast of his grilled classics—including his brick-grilled organic chicken—and got the scoop on what it takes to grill like… Read more »

Emeril fixes your grilling hangups!

This article covers: Not having enough fat on your meat Not letting your meat settle Constantly flipping a burger Layering your burger the wrong way Grilling fish wrong